T-ball (4-6 years old)

T-ball: Co-Ed Teams (Ages: 4, 5, 6)
This division is typically intended for pre-school and kindergarteners. A soft safety baseball is used for player protection. Players hit the ball from a batting tee for the majority of the season, with games at the end of the season played with the coach pitching. Every player plays in the field each inning and bats each inning.

If your child is league age 4, 5 or 6 and has never played organized baseball, T-ball is a great place to begin.. If your child is 6, has played a season in T-ball, can hit a pitched ball every now and then, and can catch a thrown ball every now and then, consider having him or her move up to the Rookie baseball or Rookie softball division.

Practice and Games:
Typically, players at this level will have one practice and one game per week. Games are usually on Saturdays, with an occasional weeknight game. Practice schedules are not set until after registration closes. Practices are typically in the evening, generally in 5pm to 6pm start time and last an hour to an hour and a half. Game schedule is not likely to be set until the end of March, beginning of April. Games run April through mid-June. Games typically last 90 minutes, not including warm up before.

Buddies and Coaches:
At this level, Sky Valley places high value on buddy requests and coach requests. Although, we cannot guarantee specific placement, emphasis is to allow players to play with their friends whenever possible. Generally speaking, kids are placed according to their elementary school, if no specific buddy request is made.

Equipment and Uniforms:
Sky Valley Little League provides a team jersey and baseball hat for every player. SVLL also provides communal batting helmets and a set of catcher's gear. At this level, baseball pants and cleats are not required. Colors for pants, socks, belt will be discussed at the team meeting at the beginning of the season by the manager (head coach) of the team.

At this level of play, every helper is greatly appreciated. However, for safety reasons, all volunteers must register and complete a background check before being on the field with the children. All approved volunteers will be issued a photo identification badge and must wear it any time they are on a ballfield or in the dugout. For parents, adults wearing a SVLL badge have been screened by SVLL and these are great people to point out to your young children as "safe strangers" if they are in need of assistance. Please email [email protected] for more information.

Managers and Coaches:
We would like to encourage parents to consider becoming managers or coaches for your child's team. The league will provide you with the tools and assistance to be successful. If you are interested or have questions, feel free to contact the Director of T-Ball at [email protected].

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