Rookies Softball Schedules

2020 schedules coming out in March.

Rookies Softball Supplemental Rules

Softball - Rookie Division

Rookie (Ages 6, 7, 8)
In the Rookie division, a rubber coated ball is pitched by a machine or a safety ball is pitched by one of the offensive coaches. Innings are 3 outs or 5 runs - whichever comes first. Defensively, nine players take the field, including a catcher in full gear and fielder in the mound area. On offense, all players bat in a continuous batting order. The Rookie division is played on 60' bases.

If your child is 6, can hit a machine pitched ball consistently, and can catch a thrown ball every now and then she is ready to play Rookie. If your daughter has not had a year of T-ball and is league age 6, we recommend she plays T-ball before moving up to Rookie.

Players at this level are typically grouped by school and / or buddy requests as often as possible.



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