Executive Board Members
League President Vanessa Harrison [email protected]
VP of Administration Steve Knowlton [email protected]
VP of Baseball Roger Braaten [email protected]
VP of Softball Ben Emmons [email protected]
VP of Finance Gillian D'Ancicco [email protected]
VP of Operations Chad Pettitt [email protected]
Player Agent Weldon Grant [email protected]
Board of Directors
Director of Volunteers OPEN [email protected]
Webmaster OPEN [email protected]
Secretary Cloe Flaherty [email protected]
Registrar Mary Mueller [email protected]
Director of T-Ball OPEN [email protected]
Director of Minors Baseball OPEN [email protected]
Director of Equipment OPEN [email protected]
Director of Uniforms Mary Mueller [email protected]
Director of Sponsorships Matt Wheadon [email protected]
Safety Officer Ben Emmons [email protected]
Director of Activities OPEN [email protected]
Director of Scheduling Chad Pettitt [email protected]
Umpire in Chief Steve Knowlton [email protected]
AAA Softball Player Agent OPEN [email protected]



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