AAA Softball Schedules
2020 schedules coming out in March.
2019 SVLL AAA Softball Rules
Softball - AAA Division
AAA (Ages 9, 10, 11)
In the AAA division, 11" softballs are used, umpires work the games, scores and standings are kept (for intraleague games), and if possible, there is a post-season tournament. The AAA division is played on 60' bases and 35' pitching rubber. Players are placed on a team through a tryout and draft process. They must go through the draft process the next season even if they remain in the same division. If there are not enough SVLL teams to have an in-house league, district-wide interleague play is expected during the regular season. If your daughter is 10 or 11 and has not played softball previously, we recommend she stays in the AAA division.
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