Rookie (6-8 years)

In the Rookie division, a rubber coated ball and a pitching machine are used to introduce players to hitting a moving ball. The pitching machine is used to pitch for the entire season. Innings are 3 outs or 5 runs - whichever comes first. Defensively, nine players take the field (SVLL Supplemental Rules allow 10 players on field, with extra player in the outfield), including a catcher in full gear and fielder in the mound area.

The Rookie division plays two games per week (weeknight and Saturday) and generally practice one day. Teams are usually put together based on where the kids go to school.

If your child is 7, the Rookie division is probably where he or she should play. If your child played T-ball as a 5-year old, then the Rookie division could be suitable for your 6-year-old.

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