2020 Player Evaluations
2020 Player Evaluations

When: Saturday, February 1st & February 8th
Where:Monroe High School Fields #1 & #2

February 1st Evaluations:
Coaches and managers check in at (Time TBD)
8-9 yrs TBD | 10-12 yrs TBD

Coaches and Managers check in at (Time TBD)
All ages from TBD

February 8th Evaluations:
Coaches and managers check in at (Time TBD)
All ages from (TBD)

Coaches and Managers check in at (Time TBD)
8-9 yrs TBD | 10-12 yrs from TBD

  • Please note a couple of things:
  • If your player doesn't come to evaluations, they will become a hat pick during the draft in the lowest division available for their age
  • Just because your player wants to "play up" does not mean he/she will automatically be placed in the available draft pool for that division.
  • Available roster space at a particular division is dependent on registration numbers and coaches. Please remind people to register ASAP if you know someone who is still waiting.
  • If you have more than one child, there is no guarantee their individual evaluations will place them in the same draft category.
  • If your player is 8 and would like to be considered to play up out of Rookies, they MUST come to evaluations. Again, this is not a guarantee of placement.
  • Please make sure you/your player has the following:
  • Glove, Bat, Water, Jacket
  • School enrollment form (If you do not have this form, please refer to the following eligibility rules).
  • Birth certificate (if you are new to the league or you are moving out of the Rookies division this year)
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