2018 Farm Baseball Schedule
Farm Division (8-9 years)

The purpose of the Farm division is to provide an introduction to real baseball. It is meant for players who are ready to move past machine pitch, but may not be ready to play against strong 10 & 11 year old players in the Minors division.

The rules of the division are modified to fit the age group and ensure games move at a good pace. Players will pitch, but there are no walks (coaches will finish up the at-bat after four balls). Real baseballs are used, umpires work the games, scores and standings are kept, and there is a post-season tournament. Players are placed on a team through a tryout and draft process. They must go through the draft process the next season even if they remain in the same division.

If your 8-year old can hit a pitched ball and can throw and catch consistently, then he or she may be ready for the Farm division. If your 9-year old played Rookie last year as an 8-year old, the Farm division is the best spot for them. Ultimately, coaches will determine through the draft process which players play in this division.

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