This section contains frequently-asked-questions regarding Sky Valley Little League. If you need addtional assistance on a topic or question not addressed here, please email us.

How will I know if my game is rained out?
We have a rainout line provided by the City of Monroe that ONLY applies to city-owned fields and Ospery Park in Sultan. Interleague games played in other cities will be called by the coaches.

City of Monroe Rainout Hotline is (360) 863-4508

How do I know if I live within SVLL boundaries?
We have a link available to help you with that: click here

How do I determine my child's "league age?"
2020 Age Charts: Baseball | Softball

Does SVLL offer a scholarship program?
Yes, but you will need to fill out THIS FORM and present it to an executive board member for approval in person.

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First Aid & CPR Training

Free to SVLL Volunteers
Required every 3 years

Sat., Feb. 22nd at 8am
Sultan Firehouse

2020 Age Charts
Issues & Concerns?
Email your issues or concerns to us: concerns@svll.org
City of Monroe Rainout Hotline
(360) 863-4508